We had a simple and curious thought. Because we are seeing this on the internet a lot these days, we wondered just how much you all know about black magic spells and where they come from. We might as well ask whether you know about white magic spells too. They say that there are remarkable differences, but in reality, the one is just as much the same as the other. That is to say that if you were a practitioner, or were seeking out the expertise of others to cast spells over you and your life, you only had good intentions.

In other words, your heart is in the right place. Your heart is of solid gold. You were made for love, that is a known fact, and if you are feeling downhearted at this time, you are resolutely seeking out love. Because you have not given up, you deserve to have love in your life. That is what black and white magic spells are for. To help the lonely hearts of this world to find love. Across all religions and cultures, there are well practiced and deeply spiritual sages who have the ability to intervene on behalf of the lonely souls.

Some of them are also trained or gifted in the occult. Yes, you are quite right; the occult does have a dark edge to it. But these mediums, you will find, have moved away from the primitive practices that seek to bring demonic forces closer to people and countries. In fact, all and each in their own way, they are expanding the universe. One of the most broadminded approaches taken by mediums is those taken by Wicca practitioners.

black magic spells

They also have the ability to cast spells over others on request. However they will not be casting spells for evil intentions. Apart from knowing the consequences of doing such, they simply do not believe in evil. Or rather, should we say then that they choose to follow Mother Nature and reject the Evil Eye? Their powers have grown to such an extent that they will have the ability to drive out evil from people’s hearts, minds and lives.

But they will never do this of their own accord. You have to approach them first. Only then will they consider the facts before them, weigh up the pros and cons and then make the important decision as to whether to set in motion the spells, whether they be black or white. Do not, for a moment, think that if a black spell is selected, you are going to be in immediate danger. Originally, this range of spells was practiced for evil intentions.

But that is no longer the case today. Today, the skilled and devoted practitioners utilize their skills to manipulate those forces purely for the forces of good. This is in accordance with their belief in the essential goodness of Mother Nature.